Liberté, égalité, fraternité

by on 15 November, 2015

By Mohamed Rumman

The magnitude of this terrorist attack is one Western Europe hasn’t seen since the 2004 Madrid bombings. 7 seemingly co-ordinated attacks, killing 160 people and injuring 200. A state of emergency declared, the Paris metro shut down and French borders closed. An attack that will be in the memories of not only the citizens of France, but the world for years to come.

The dust hadn’t even settled, as the events that were unfolding in Paris on Friday were still underway. Nonetheless, social media became flooded with apologists and bigots alike, both failing to make the essential distinction that will help us win the war against the jihadists.

This is not a war of religions, peoples, or borders. This is a war of ideologies. Islamists who will use any means to destabilise and terrorise the very foundations of our democracies. They will attempt to divide us, make us question our neighbours, beliefs and freedoms in an effort to destroy our civilisation.

Islamism is a violent political ideology thrusted by a corrupted and barbaric interpretation of Islam, hell-bent on domination through a global caliphate. It has no respect for borders or sovereignty. No respect for citizenships or allegiances. And will crush any challenge through criticism or discourse because freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas is not in its lexicon.

When commentators on the left argue that we should essentially turn a blind eye to extremism, through the same old adage that all religions have problems with fundamentalists, it serves no benefit to either the Muslim community or the western world. It allows this problem to fester in the grassroots, as tensions ferment and communities become more and more isolated.  Nor do the commentators on the right who feel it reasonable to stir up tensions in an already volatile environment.

Jihadists want Muslims in the west to feel alienated within their own countries. An IS recruiter’s job is made easier when normal everyday Muslims are targeted by their governments and harassed by their fellow countryman. It seems as though the first cycle of perpetual motion has taken place, and as it begins to build momentum, tackling the issue of Islamic extremism will become more and more difficult as an unwilling Muslim community will feel as though it is signing its own death warrant.

The real question that needs to be asked is why have we for so long accepted Islamists to dictate the terms of this debate, we have allowed them to hijack Islam, the fastest growing, and very soon the largest religion in the world. We have allowed them to dictate what can be and can’t be published with regards to drawings of the Prophet and Charlie Hebdo. We have allowed this fallacy of its Islam versus the West to be left unchallenged.

Jihadism is on the rise, attacks on Western capitals are becoming more prevalent and social harmony is deteriorating every day with the rise of far-right extremists who further add to the chaos.

If we continue on the path we are going, shackled by political correctness and blinded by hatred, we risk to see the destruction of Western civilisation as we know it.

The motto of the revolution “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” applies now more than ever.

Mohamed Rumman is the Vice president of the UTS Liberal Club and incoming treasurer of the UTS Student Association

6 thoughts on “Liberté, égalité, fraternité

  1. ISLAM is the real problem. They all follow the exact same rulebook, just to varying degrees. The more devout, the more dangerous.

  2. France yet again ignoring the signs of their mistake SINCE the 50s! by allowing the enemy to infiltrate like water muddling paper. To the real, true Parisens, Wake up!

    To the author, you have good points, the bloody leftists are bowing down and dictating our way of life! the fact they are ‘hijacking’ islam is a good, apologist’s argument, I can understand, they are your people, but you can’t evade the fact that muslim terrorists are hiding within your people, it’s a waste of resources to screen every muslim because there’d be too many anyway. Fight back home not here!

  3. The Mid East needs a Treaty of Westphalia. The major actors, Riyadh and Tehran, must bring the smaller actors together, sign a treaty and ensure peace is maintained. All Muslim states must be strengthened – which means human rights and freedom of speech – and religious influence decreased. As in the 30 Years War, religious struggles destroy everything in their path. The West must pressure both Saudi Arabia and Iran to stop these wars.

  4. Because you redefine Muslims, over and over again as only those most extreme and willing to act in violence,( a logical fallacy and three quarters, of course) by your own recursive logic, you are correct. The millions of devote Muslims who are non violent have no say in your little universe, pretty little pumpkin princess!!!
    That is the beauty of your delusional state…Time for more meds MEh.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, I hate to break it to ya, JodeBlampette but your pathetically desperate, leftarded delusion has no bearing whatsoever on the actual truth.

    You see, your piteous make-believe fantasies don’t become real just because you really, really, reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally want them be. Contrary to your pathetically desperate, leftarded delusion, it just doesn’t work that way in the real world.

    But I’m curious, why are you trying so desperately hard to silence the truth? What is it about the truth that scares you so much? Well? Why are you such a prejudiced, ignorant, bigoted truthophobe?

  6. If you weren’t so pathetically, embarrassingly ignorant, you’d see i said “islam”, NOT “muslims”, moron. Duh.

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