Seeing through the Green Mirage

LOW- and middle-income earners will receive tax cuts under a plan by Julia Gillard to compensate families for jacking up the cost of living.

The Prime Minister will give battlers the tax break to offset the $600 a year hit family budgets will take when the Government imposes a tax on carbon emissions – part of its plan to fight climate change.

"Cutting taxes is a live option,'' Ms Gillard told The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

No kidding. Aussie households are going to need all the help they can get.

HOUSEHOLD electricity prices could skyrocket by as much as $200 a year if Julia Gillard's controversial carbon tax is introduced, the WA Treasury has warned.

The increase would mean that the average family's power bill, presently $1443 a year, would have gone up by $640, or a staggering 64 per cent in four years.

Add to the fact that defacto PM, Bob Brown, also wants the Carbon Tax to include petrol.

That alone could increase the price of petrol from 6.5c to 10c per litre.

And of course, the price of food will go up too. The United Retail Federation survey of 525 members found 83 per cent of food and grocery retailers would pass on a carbon price and 78 per cent said it may affect jobs and staff hours.

And global temperatures will decline by how many tenths of a degree Celsius???

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Live in harmony with nature, says Pachauri

Mar 14, 2011, 03.38am IST

COIMBATORE: Given that human actions are increasingly interfering with the delicate balance of nature, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and tsunamis will occur more frequently, said Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, director general of TERI, and the chief of the inter-governmental panel on Climate Change.

Addressing students at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham on the sixteenth Institution Day Celebrations here on Friday, he lauded the efforts of the administration, pertaining to their green drive.

"Unless we live in harmony with nature, unless we are able to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and adopt renewable energy sources and until we change our life styles, the world will increasingly become unfit for human habitation," he said, adding that our ancestors put their emphasis on ethics and social morality and had less comforts perhaps but more fresh air and water.


Have you ever read such unmitigated nonsense?

How this bloke has a job, let alone a job as the UN’s IPCC Chief is just mind boggling.

Does Pachauri think that prior to the industrial revolution of the 18th/19th centuries, that there were no earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, or bad weather systems?  How does he explain Kraktoa?

This is who our PM and Government are primarily listening too for advice about Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The PM and the Government must think we’re all a bunch of idiots. I can tell you who the idiot is – it’s our Prime Minister for believing anything that comes from the mouth of the IPCC’s Pachauri, and for using this nonsense as a basis for policy and taxation decisions in Australia.  Decisions that will have devastating effects on standards of living and jobs in the industrial/manufacturing sector, that will severely impact all Australians.

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The two questions Q and A should have asked the PM

Question 1



Prime Minister. Please tell me what tangible effect a Carbon Tax of $25, $100, or even $1,000 per tonne, will have on Australia’s climate.  For example, how much of a reduction in temperature in degrees Celsius can we expect with the introduction of your Carbon Tax? Thank you.

Question 2 – the real important one



Hello Prime Minister. Under your proposed Carbon Tax, will Beer and soft drinks, be taxed because of their Carbon Dioxide content? Thank you.


Families can’t afford Labor

Cory-BernardiSenator Cory Bernardi discusses how this great new tax, concocted by the "bovine waste artists within Labor’s ranks" will seriously hurt Australian families – for nothing.

This week I have been travelling through regional South Australia. It is a vast land where transit from one destination to another can require many hours of driving. 

It is part of my second '200 town tour' in which I commit to visiting at least 200 South Australian regional communities between elections. It is amazing how much one can learn simply by talking to the locals, be it in the front bar of the pub or just calling in on small business owners. 

Having travelled from Mt Gambier in the south east through to Ceduna in the west, there are so many differences in landscape, lifestyle and location yet there is a common thread that links it all together.

Whether talking to a farmer from Cowell who has had the best ever cropping season in over 50 years or the supermarket owner from Ceduna, the constant reference is the cost of living for the average family.

Families are doing it tough. Everything they need is going up in price while the things they want seem to be costing less. 

The difference between the impact of the cost of wants and needs on the family budget are evident to everyone; all, that is, except members of the government.

Gillard and Co. continue to boast about 'inflation' as being within the Reserve Bank’s target band. Officially it is running at around 2.5 per cent. Unofficially, the cost of living increase is running much higher than that.

Electricity and utility prices are rising rapidly and are expected to do so for the foreseeable future. Food costs are sky-rocketing with meat, fruit and vegetables all jumping in price.  

Rents and mortgage rates are rising which only adds to the budget burden on many families.

These are all things that Australian families cannot do without – food, shelter and electricity. Yet these are the very things that Labor's new tax on carbon dioxide will impact most directly.

The bovine waste artists within Labor’s ranks maintain that because the new demand on your cash isn't being taken directly by the government from your pay packet, what they are proposing isn't really a tax. 

If you believe that then I have an excellent bridge over Sydney Harbour to sell you.

Frankly, the dishonestly named 'price on carbon' is a tax that will lift the cost of everything in the country. Anything that relies on electricity or transport or any manufacturing process will cost more to produce. Only the naïve or stupid would think that producers won't pass on these costs to consumers.  

That means, despite the words of Swan, Combet, Gillard and Wong, everything is going to cost more for you and me. 

After all, changing behaviour through price rises is exactly what Julia Gillard wants to engineer. The trifling matter, acknowledged by her former Climate Change (now Finance) Minister Penny Wong, that a tax won't cut carbon dioxide emissions seems to have little bearing on the justification to introduce this tax on everything.

Given her track record of 'engineering' government-led solutions over the past few years, we all know that the end result will not be in the taxpayers’ interests. 

We also know that this new tax won't be in the nation’s interest as it will place an additional burden on domestic industry and pressure future jobs growth.

As it won't make any difference to the climate and will not make a jot of difference to global temperatures, we can all be forgiven for asking 'why the heck is she doing this'?

The only logical answer is that this massive new tax is the price of being in government with the Green fundamentalists. 

Unfortunately for us all, as the cost of Julia Gillard retaining power, it is a cost she is more than willing for us to pay.

Senator Cory Bernardi is the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Assisting the Leader of the Opposition and a Senator for South Australia. This article is courtesy of his personal blog which can be found at