Greens Still Living in a Clean Energy Fantasy World


Brad Emery takes aim at the hypocrites of the Greens movement against  the mining industry.

A young woman rides her bicycle into an inner city polling booth to vote in the 2013 Federal Election.  She tosses her mane of matted dreadlocks over her shoulder as she dismounts and fetches a bottle of organic prune juice from the basket hanging from the handle bars.

She makes a beeline for the Greens volunteer and smiles as she takes the Greens candidate’s how to vote pamphlet.  She makes a deliberate show of rejecting the Liberal Party candidate’s propaganda.  She’s not planning on voting Conservative.

Greens Policy 101

A Greens balance of power will lead to the Labor Party adopting at least some of their extreme agenda, writes Ron Thatcher.

Given the Labor Green preference alliance that could hand the Greens the balance of power in the Senate after the next election, I took some time to have a look at the Greens website, where I stumbled across their policy document.

It makes for interesting reading and should give rise to some serious questions by anyone considering voting or the Greens.

The Greens have already committed to supporting any scheme put forward in the next Parliament that puts a price on carbon. This in itself is astounding given they repeatedly voted against Labor's great green tax – the CPRS.

The Greens also have a policy of lifting the company tax rate to 33% and reducing tax concessions for companies. They want to lift the rate of tax on superannuation and establish a 50% top personal income tax rate. 

In a green world there would be a tax on family trusts and no concessional treatment of long term capital gains.

They also want to impose an 'estate tax' which is basically another name for death duties. 

Of course, this high taxing agenda would sit very well with Labor's own commitments to increase the cost of passports, alcohol, cigarettes, health insurance and mining. 

There might even be some agreement on what the extra revenue will be spent on.

The Greens for instance, want free gender reassignment surgery for those born with an 'intersex condition' even though 'intersex' would be recognised as a formal gender under green law.

They also want to prescribe heroin to registered users in line with the proposed 1996 ACT government heroin trial and introduce the regulated use of cannabis.

Now these are just some of their own policy initiatives that determine how taxpayers money should be best spent. 

In most other areas they are happy to outsource decision making to the United Nations. Yes, that's the unelected and hopelessly inefficient body that is dominated by the agenda of tinpot dictatorships.

The greens manifesto commits Australia to signing up to every protocol, agenda and agreement that this dysfunctional body cooks up – even the optional ones!

I noticed that Bob Brown's press release calling for a register of all businesses owned by citizens who subscribe to particular religious beliefs has been convientently greenwashed from the site. 

It makes you wonder how many other extreme green policies have been sanitised for this election campaign.

Handing the greens the balance of power would cost us all dearly and take Australia back to an age of socialism and extremism that the world had left behind decades ago.

Read more of their policy manifesto here.

Ron Thatcher is an engineer from Queensland.

A Vote For The Greens Is A Vote For Internet Censorship

From a Liberal Democratic Party press release:

Peter Whelan, candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Macquarie, today roundly condemned the Greens for their preferencing policies in the upcoming election.

“The Greens claim they’re offering a third choice, and market themselves as community based activists. They claim to be fighting for civil liberties and against the Labor government’s internet filter. And yet what do we find? They are directing their preferences straight to the Labor party. Not content with pre-selecting Clive Hamilton, original proponent of the filter, as a candidate for the seat of Higgins, they have decided to make sure the policy stays alive by preferencing straight to Labor's Senator Steven Conroy, chief architect of the scheme” Mr Whelan said.
“While independents, minor parties and community activists in Victoria are banding together in the “Put Conroy Last” campaign, the Greens ensure he will be guaranteed re-election. Some opposition. A pathetic grass-roots democratic movement. Looks like they prefer being seen to campaign against censorship rather than do anything about it.”
"The Democrats used to have a slogan “Keep the bastards honest”. If the Greens were honest, maybe their new slogan could be, “Keep the bastards in power," he said.
Unlike the Greens, the Liberal Democrats are unequivocal in their support for freedom of speech. We will never accept the government as censor of what we, as adults, are allowed to see and think. Of course, once the filter is in place, you may never hear from the Liberal Democrats again. Censorship is great that way, you never have to listen to anything except what the Government wants you to hear. Already the government has listed dozens of sites with no connections to pornography, due to “technical error”.
"The LDP calls on the Greens to tell us where they really stand on censorship. And while they’re at it, they can tell us whether they think, like Clive Hamilton, Greens candidate for Higgins, that our democracy needs to be overthrown in order to save the planet from global warming. But you may not be able to read about that."

Whislt the aformentioned is obviously a press release for the Liberal Democratic Party, it does make a good point. Those of us opposed to the filter (whether you be Christians opposed to how it will block anti-abortion sites, social conservatives conserned about how it undermines the family unit by replacing parents with Government, libertarians who care about freedom, or techies who know how much it will slow the internet down) need to remember one thing come August 21 – due to their grubby preference deal with Labor, a vote for the Greens is a vote for Stephen Conroy and internet censorship. It's as simple as that. 

(Posted by TVA)