Labor’s just a bit rich moment

It appears Labor's election ad cycle has hit a snag with the interesting revelation that its key advertisement attacking Tony Abbott and the Coaltion is driven by an actress who apparently refused to pay $15 dollars to a family operated small business for delivery of expensive hand made spanish tiles.

It has been confirmed that Labor used actors for their most recent ad. However it would be useful if the goverments small business minister would explain whether he endorses the position of the actress in this ad, who refused to pay $15 delivery for expensive hand made spanish tiles.

In a time when small business is expected to tighten their belts under the odious regulation and increased taxation imposed on them by this government, it seems a bit rich that an eastern suburbs housewife would be considered by "ALP Strategists" as representative of the broader Australian community.

Perhaps Labor instead of trying to run teflon coated television campaigns whose actors don't truly reflect real Australia, should do a bit of their own 'renovating' in relation to their communications strategy.

Apparently all that keeps the 'actress' going is the thought that

"Somewhere in a factory in Sydney is a dishwasher with my name on it. A stylish stainless steel dishwasher that only makes 42 decibels of noise".

Just a bit rich Labor, Just a bit rich!



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New Face of the Working Class

Timothy W. Humphries is Assistant Managing Editor of Menzies House

Horse Riders of the Political Apocalypse – A Poem

The horse riders of political death echo,
Misty canyons of time cannot repel.
This democratic death machine,
As it rattles on.

South to north,
All through the land.
The obvious is seen,
Screaming and sobbing.
Hell fire on roller skates!

Blithering stupidity on a mass scale,
Milton could never do it justice.

Nor I on this misty winters night,
Could have imagined the horse riders,
Of the Political Apocalypse.

Their pink batts, school halls,
That bespectacled grin.

Whose fame and fortune,
Was paid for in part,
By neo-liberal sin.

Grant me reprieve Oh Lord,
The agnostic christian.
The spiritual pagan,
Cannot conceive.
The appalling strangeness,
Of the Horse Riders,
Of the Political Apocalypse. 

Timothy W. Humphries is a poet and Assistant Managing Editor 
at Menzies House

The one’s who flew over the cuckoo’s nest

I truly am amazed by the zany school yard stupidity displayed by the ALP

389063_10150942895539401_218324264_nI truly am amazed by the zany school yard stupidity displayed by the ALP, writes Assistant Managing Editor Tim Humphries

It seems appropriate with the events of the past week to reflect on a classic Jack Nicholson film. The one who flew over the cuckoo's nest perfectly describes the Australian Labor Party.

With the Nielsen polling showing the LNP is unchanged on 56-44, one has to question the semblance of sanity that may or may not exist within the Labor Party at the current time. 

Whilst I welcome the fact that Tony Abbott will be the next Prime Minister of Australia, I'm left troubled by the distinct possibility that the Federal Political result due in September may well mirror the routing that occured in Queensland.

Don't get me wrong dear reader, I love the idea of removing every last vestige of Labor politics from the Australian parliament. However the question remains who will step into the breach left by the blowing tumble weeds of the ALPs departure?

I spoke to a Labor supporter I went to school with a few days ago and admitted at human level I do feel incredibly sorry for honest hard-working Labor supporters who have been shafted by a sociopathic parliamentary party. A party that seems to think that it can fool everyone in the same way the 'Chief' successfully did so in the movie.


As the Poll Bludger succintly states:

Julia Gillard is down two on approval to 38% and up two on disapproval to 58%, while Tony Abbott edges towards respectability with approval up a point to 43% and disapproval down two to 53%. Toe-to-toe questions on the Labor leadership have Gillard leading Bob Carr 50-41, Bill Shorten 52-38 and Greg Combet 53-35. Among Labor voters, Rudd leads Gillard 51-48. Joe Hockey leads Wayne Swan as preferred Treasurer 48-40, which compares with 44-44 the last time the question was asked.

What's peculiar about the current political cycle is the high levels of disapproval for both leaders. However what amuses me most is the distinct disregard ALP strategists have in relation to Kevin Rudd. Secret polling revealed this week demonstrates Kevin Rudd's position could have rebounded had he not been knee-capped by the drones in the smoke filled rooms.  

Then you have the inevitable circus of a leadership spill that was but wasn't. Then Simon Crean jumping off the ship and politically detonating himself on the way down. This is the sort of stuff you'd see in a satirical piece of the 'Thick of It' variety.

I truly am amazed by the zany school yard stupidity displayed by the ALP! Who are these people running our country? Do we need Dr. Phil to run a counselling session for Carcas? Not thats not a spelling error! I'm no longer going to refer to Caucus as Caucus, from now on it's Carcas to me!

We are picking dear reader over the carcas of a once great political party that lost touch with reality at every level. It behooves us to remember despite their utter contempt for the Australian people, Judgement Day is coming and they will not be spared!

Timothy W. Humphries is Assistant Managing Editor of Menzies House

Liberals claim they used Kevin Rudd as double agent

THE Howard Government claims it used Kevin Rudd to leak information that was damaging to his enemies within the Labor Party.

Former foreign minister Alexander Downer has revealed Mr Rudd, at the time an ambitious backbencher, would seize on information given to him about his Labor rivals – and regularly feed it to the media.

"We used him mercilessly to embarrass (Labor's then foreign-affairs spokesman) Laurie Brereton," Mr Downer told The Sunday Telegraph.

"We would give Rudd information to use against Brereton, and he would use it.

"He was so incredibly unprincipled. When he was chairman of the caucus committee, we used him mercilessly to embarrass Laurie Brereton."

Mr Rudd would leak the information to his media contacts as an anonymous source, Mr Downer said.

"I don't use the c-word, but I do use the f-word pretty freely, and I can tell you that Kevin Rudd is a f****** awful person," he said.


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Michael Kroger on Kevin Rudd’s big mistake

"Kevin Rudd’s main fault was: he should have sacked Gillard. He sacked Garrett and she got promoted.

Why wasn’t she sacked? She wasted more money, she was a more incompetent minister than Garrett was, yet because she had a factional base, he couldn’t get rid of her. That was his big mistake. But her incompetence over the Building the Education Revolution, it was manifest. Her record is probably that of the most incompetent minister the Australian Parliament has ever seen."


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