The Looming Great Green Tax You Didn’t Even Know About!

by on 15 April, 2014

Green tape is strangling Aussie businesses, killing jobs and driving up costs for consumers and it’s time the Federal Government honoured its commitment to make Australia open for business again.

And repealing a stealth green tax about to be made law is the perfect place to start.

In the dying days of the Gillard government, great new green tax was rushed through parliament – and you probably didn’t even know about it! But believe me, it will cost you big.

Under the guise of “illegal logging” up to 17,000 Aussie businesses could be forced to shut down due to the high cost of this act with a total cost of up to $340 million, and prices for consumers will go up, up, up.

Unless we act now, this will come into law in November.

Like with most “green projects” This will do absolutely NOTHING to save the environment. And of course, the Gillard Government never costed it, there was no regulatory impact statement,  no cost- benefit analysis, parliament never examined the regulations – it was just pushed through.

Only one group will benefit from this – Green “Certification” companies, who have just hit the jackpot.

The “illegal logging” act forces everyone who brings in timber or paper and saws up logs to go through a mountain of paperwork – we’re talking about full-time staff dedicated to just dealing with green tape . You and I both know that small businesses just don’t have the resources to do this, and many will be forced to shut their doors for good.

Furniture makers, small hardware stores, people who make boutique stationery, window, door, kitchen manufacturers – all these, and more, will be hurt by this act. The price of everyday items like school exercise books and even toilet paper will go up.

To make matters worse, the provisions of this bill go against everything good government should stand for and flatly violate the rule of law. These regulations reverse the burden of proof – and make businesses guilty unless proven innocent – and the act makes them criminally liable for things other people did in other countries, even if they didn’t know about them!  A small business owner could go to jail for 5 years for something they didn’t even know about!

Worst of all, the regulations even include the disturbing establishment of a Commonwealth ‘Green Police’ force  – just think about the implication! This green police will have so much power that they can have warrants to “monitor” your business, inspect you, and stop your business without compensation, even if you’re not under any suspicion!

Do you really think it will stop here if we let them get away with it?

Australia already has one of the world’s most stringent environmental protection regimes. There are laws to prevent people from buying illegal products – it’s covered under the stolen goods act

This is nothing more than a grab for power and money by anti-timber, anti-progress, anti-business extremists who want us to all go back to the stone age.

If the Liberal Party was serious about slashing Green Tape, then this destructive Act is the perfect place to start. 

Before the last election, the Liberals promised to amend the Act if they would win government.

It’s time for the to keep their word.

Visit for more information about this toxic Act and to take action!

Here’s a short video I made up detailing the problems with this Act:

Please visit to contact Minister Colbeck, your Local Member of Parliament, and your State’s Senators to demand a repeal of this destructive Act

It’s time Australia was open for business again.

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