Update On The Campaign To Close The Illegal, Racist & Divisive Tent Embassy

by on 2 February, 2012

You know you are making a difference when your opponents are so desperate they resort to insults and threats of violence to try to shut you down.

In the last 48 hours I have had to remove dozens of threats, defamatory comments, and downright abuse from our facebook page made by the “tolerant” left. I have received emails not just filled with abuse, but actually threatening me. 

Janet Albrechsten is spot on when she writes:

Last Thursday, protesters from the Aboriginal tent embassy bashed against the glass walls of the Lobby Restaurant intimidating the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the emergency workers receiving awards inside. Predictably, much of the media moved quickly on to the dark arts of political scheming when it transpired that a Gillard staffer leaked Tony Abbott's whereabouts.

But rewind a moment longer to consider a more important principle. The thuggish activists saw no irony in proudly exercising their right to free speech by using violence and intimidation to shut down those with whom they disagreed.

The protests personify a strain of illiberalism found more often among those on the Left than the Right

You should read the whole thing.

Freedom of speech is under attack in Australia by these thugs supported by our government and our tax dollars!

Is it any wonder under Gillard we have plummeted in our Press Freedom IndexScore and are now ranked worse than Namibia, Poland and Niger

That's right, a non-partisan, international media watchdog now admits that Freedom of Speech in Australia is in danger.

It is clear that the radical left are desperate and trying to shut us down. Why? Because they know Australians are waking up to their radical agenda.

Here are just a few news stories from the last few days:

Gary Johns, a former LABOR Minister, had this great piece attacking the “Aboriginal Preferment Industry” admitting it was time to “close the tent” 

Bob Carr, the former LABOR Premier of NSW has said that the Tent Embassy should have been “packed up years ago”

The Australian revealed how the Tent Embassy is BLATANTLY illegal but the government is choosing not to act.

And Piers Ackerman notes in a must-read piece that“The feral rabble infesting the so-called Tent Embassy camped on the lawn opposite Old Parliament House (OPH) has performed a great public service.They have effectively killed any constitutional change enshrining affirmative action for those who self-identify as Aboriginal Australians…The 40th anniversary of this monstrosity should be its last.”  (Read the whole piece)


We  are all Australians, and we should all be treated equally. No-one should receive special privileges or extra taxpayer funding on the basis of their race.  To do so is a recipe for disaster. 

But this is what the tent embassy proponents want. To have special treatment. 

We’ve tried years of welfare-reconciliation and it has failed. And indigenous-preferment industry knows this, and that is why they are running scared.

We can't give up now.  With your kind donations, we have been able to finance advertisements reaching over 100,000 Australians in the last two days, and will continue to fight for what is right for Australia – no matter the insults, abuse, and threats we receive.


It isn't easy to stand up for what is right. You get attacked, you get insulted, the media call you a 'racist' and a 'NAZI'. But at the end of the day, those who signed our petition showed they cared about our great country, and did what was right.


Tim Andrews is the Managing Editor of Menzies House. 


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